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Investing in the infrastructure of the digital future

Meta Impact Capital supports and empowers founders who are building the foundation of Web3 – the vision of a decentralized and permissionless Internet that returns ownership and control back to its users, and away from powerful technology companies.

The Metaverse


What is Web3 and the Metaverse?

Put simply, Web3 and the Metaverse are two foundational building blocks for the next evolution of the Internet and online interaction.


Web3 has become a catch-all term for a new and better internet that uses blockchains, cryptoassets and virtual identities to give power back to its users.


The metaverse is a massive, interoperable 3D virtual world that is persistent (still there when you log off), synchronous (everyone experiences it the same way) and able to support an unbounded number of users with their own identities, virtual objects and access to payment systems.

In the metaverse, Blockchain and token-based infrastructure will create the underlying foundations for new economies, governance models and societies.

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Meta Impact Capital’s Metaverse Fund I invests in exceptional companies that are building the future.

Our Team

Meta Impact Capital is led by a team of seasoned investors and innovators in the tech and web3 space. The diversity and global footprint of our partners and strategic advisors gives us a truly unique understanding of how metaverse and web3 technologies will create value across communities and on a global scale.


Javonsher Abdullaev, CFA

Director, Investment Committee

Kevin Virgil

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Loren Roosendaal

Partner, Investment Committee

Paul Gyra

Managing Partner, Senior Executive Officer

Theo Economos

Venture Associate


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