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Investing in the infrastructure of the digital future

Meta Impact Capital supports and empowers innovative founders who are developing the infrastructure for this future, while driving positive impact and delivering happiness to consumers in their daily lives.

The Metaverse


What is Web3 and the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a massive, interoperable 3D virtual world that is persistent (still there when you log off), synchronous (everyone experiences it the same way) and able to support an unlimited number of users with their own identities, virtual objects and access to payment systems.

Blockchain and token-based infrastructures will create the underlying foundations for new economies, governance models and societies in the metaverse.

Based in


Metaverse Fund I

The metaverse will become the most immersive, engaging, and economically impactful iteration of our digital and connected future. The foundation of the next great societal paradigm shift is being created by innovators across the world. 

Metaverse Fund I is a$100M limited partnership interest fund that is investing in exceptional companies who are creating the metaverse, web3 and crypto technologies.
Offering Amount
Minimum Investment
Management Fee
2 YR
investment duration
3 YR
Exits (+ 2 one year extension options)
IRR Targeted Return
Cash on Cash Targeted Return
Cayman Islands
Early-stage, venture capital focused investments in
Metaverse Gaming
metaverse fintech
metaverse Education
metaverse B2B

Our Team

Meta Impact Capital is led by a team of seasoned investors and innovators in the tech and web3 space. The diversity and global footprint of our partners and strategic advisors gives us a truly unique understanding of how metaverse and web3 technologies will create value across communities and on a global scale.

Paul Gyra

Managing Partner, Senior Executive Officer

Kevin Virgil

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Loren Roosendaal

Partner, Investment Committee

Javonsher Abdullaev, CFA

Director, Investment Committee

Andrew Economos

CEO, UMI Technology Holdings / CEO, UMI Metaverse Acquisition Corp / Advisory Board, Hex Trust

Chen Lee

Chairman, Andover Holdings / Chairman, Longview Members / Chairman, MetaBlue / Chief Vision Officer, Furiosa AI / Largest Shareholder, LCT Busan

Cédric Waldburger

Co-Founder, Dfinity Foundation / Founder, Tomahawk VC

JiNan George

CEO & Co-Founder, Patent Forecast / Founding Partner, NEO IP / Registered Patent Attorney, USPTO

Bernard West

Managing Director, Merakie Education / Former CEO & Founder, Tadrees Education / Governor (Dubai & Singapore), North London Collegiate School

Abraham Gomez

Founder & CEO, Wild and West / Crypto & Web3 Investor
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